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Pork and Chive Pot-Stickers

I made my Lenten- promise to cook at least one Pinterest Recipe a week; this may seem like a silly promise, but I always give things up, but this year I wanted to do something to enrich my life.

By cooking my Pinterest Recipes, it allows me to get back on here with you fine folks to tell you my experiences! Something I loved doing but lost touch with when we moved across the state, bought a house AND life happened.

My Husband and I LOVE Asian food, so when I looked through recipes for this week, I stumbled across these Pot-Stickers.

The ingredients can be found at the Pinterest link included below, but they only cost about $15 to make, which is nice as far as meal costs go!

This recipe took about an hour to make, it is very tedious as you have to fill the won ton wrappers and seal them up by pinching the edges This made about 35-40 Pot-Stickers, so you can see where the time length comes in.

The filling was easy to make, it was essentially seasoning, eggs, pork, chives and ginger. I will say, it was slightly bland for my Americanized taste buds, so I’d add a bit of salt next time, but my Husband loved the flavor.

I only set off our smoke alarm once.

With having to add splashes of water to a hot pan throughout, it caused lots of steam and smoke which set off our overly sensitive smoke detectors. (Luckily they shut off quickly because our dogs are not fans of the high pitched beeping.)

You’ll notice this recipe also provides a dipping sauce recipe, DO NOT BOTHER. It is ALL heat and no flavor, so not only are you panting but you can’t even taste what it is that made you set your mouth on fire. We ended up using a Pad Thai sauce I had and it was just fine; a plain soy or sweet and sour sauce would be great too.

All in all, I liked this recipe and will be making it again with some minor alterations. I planned on serving it with rice, but the two of us were so full that we didn’t need the extra food! (We have about 15 leftover.)

If you’re making this for your family, give yourself time to cook all of them before serving. They take a long time to cook and unless you have a full range sized pan, you can’t cook them all at once, so they have to be cooked in batches. AKA if you want to serve your family in shifts, you’re fine, but if you want to have them for a sit down meal, keep the ones that are done in the oven or microwave so they keep their warmth.

Until we pin again,

Olivia Koehler


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