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Website Review: Graze

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy snacking; I usually eat something every two hours, so when I saw this ‘Snack Service’ called Graze on Pinterest, I had to give it a go.

You start by going to their website and creating a profile, this is where you enter any allergies or food preferences you have. It then takes you to a long list of all the snacks they provide and you read through them and determine if it is something you’d love, like or rather not see in your shipment.

I had a code to get my first one for free, and it is a sample size (Use the code at the bottom of the post for a free sample box); the sample consists of 4 snacks based off of your preference list. After your first free sample, you are charged $11.00 on a weekly basis to continue receiving these snacks. (You can opt out of the service at any time).

I never received a notification that my sample had shipped or when it would arrive which was ok as it was free, but if it is something I pay for weekly, I’d like to know where my shipment is.

The packaging is quite cute; it comes personalized with your name on it and then each little snack is neatly placed and labeled very cutely. (See image below)

Here is my review on the 4 snack samples I received:

Deconstructed Carrot Cake: This was delicious; it cam with nuts, soft carrot pieces, a cinnamon flavoring and little vanilla fudge pieces. The fudge pieces were my least favorite as they are too sweet for my liking. 8/10

Stars and Stripes: This is a snack I’ve tried before, but in shape form. They take fruit strips and cut them into star and stripe shapes; I love fruit strips so this was great for me, it also had raisins. 9/10

Kettle Corn Kern Pops: These were good as well, confusing looking, but good. These Corn Kernels were partially popped, so they were easier to chew but I’ve never eaten a corn kernel so that was new. They weren’t overly sweet, which was nice for me and they even had a light salty flavor. 8/10

Brooklyn Bites: Out of all the options, this was the most bland. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. It had pretzels, cashews, sesame seeds with a slight chipotle flavor. Overall it was a bit dry for me. 6/10

I knew I just wanted to try this out once for blogging purposes so I registered with a Visa Gift Card, so when they would go to take the money for the next shipment, it wouldn’t go through. (Sneaky, I know)

BUT, they were sneaky too!!

The same day I got my first shipment I received an email saying that they tried to charge my card and it didn’t work etc. HOW can anyone have time to cancel if they don’t want it anymore when,

  1. I didn’t know when it shipped or would arrive, so I couldn’t cancel it as I didn’t want to not get the sample.
  2. They charge you before you even get through the first samples, so what if I don’t want to receive anymore? Too late, you’ve already bought your next week.
  3.  What if I did want to continue? I hadn’t even updated my profile to say ‘Hey, don’t send me anymore Brooklyn Bites’, so I may be paying for stuff I already know I don’t like.

Long story short, this is a cute service if you’re looking to spice up your snack selection a bit. The regular size is 8 samples, so for $11.00 it’s really not bad as you’re getting a snack a day but it’s about $1.37 per handful.

Until we pin again,

Olivia Koehler

Reward Code: LPCLWJ35P


Use this code for a free sample box!





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