The 30 Day Squat Challenge

You guys, I finally completed the 30 day squat challenge!!! I’m aware it says it only takes 30 days, but I’ve attempted to tackle this challenge 4 times now! (Insert mini round of applause here)

I, like most people, like to see results quickly so all of these 30 day challenges that pop up on my Pinterest feed sound like a great idea; the only thing is I rarely get around to actually trying them out.

I am willing to bet that everyone who has Pinterest has pinned a 30 day or less challenge that they never got around to doing. This one is for you!

image (004)

I will not lie, this challenge took me 31 days to complete as I added an extra ‘rest’ day over Mother’s Day weekend.

To start off, when I first saw the above challenge, I couldn’t fathom doing the last days 250 squats. I don’t work out, so even the lower numbers were difficult for me to reach some days. I believe this is why I quit mid challenge so many times; I saw partial results and was content because I told myself I couldn’t do more.

Let’s talk butts.

I always thought I had a good butt, I was in ballet most of my life and it served that area well. However, when you haven’t danced regularly in 6 years, it doesn’t just magically stay ‘perky’.

When I saw this challenge, I thought it’d be a good way to give me a boost. I certainly don’t have a flat butt, but I’m no Kim Kardashian either. Always room for improvement.

The first few times I did the challenge I did it alone, I’d even snapchat myself doing them to my cousin to hold myself accountable, it still didn’t work. As soon as I saw minor results, I quit.

I think if you have someone willing to do it with you it makes it easier, but this last time I did it and I did it alone. (The black suit = before, the white one = after)

Changes I noticed after the challenge:

  • My butt went from sitting low to being perky. I didn’t realize how not perky my butt was until I saw the before and after pictures. It started off as a ‘P’ shape and ended much more lifted, as you can see in the pictures.
  • Also in the pictures, the line under my butt where it meets my leg was very short in the before, it is now more pronounced because my butt is lifted.
  • Harder to see in the pictures, but my butt is more rounded. I’m still not JLo, but it looks much better than before.
  • I didn’t gain a thigh gap. I have a little space between my thighs but nothing drastic happened there.
  • I actually LOVE doing squats daily now. Will I keep up with the 250 a day? Probably not, but I challenge myself to do 25-50 each time I go to the restroom which isn’t a lot at the time, but it adds up over the day.

So I challenge you to take on a challenge, it’s coming up on swimsuit season people! There is no time like the present! I’m starting a 21 day arm sculpting challenge today so check back next month for those results!

Until we pin again,

Olivia Koehler





2 thoughts on “The 30 Day Squat Challenge

  1. Great work! nice results!! I have attempted this grueling challenge twice already…it’s even on my Life List at…I reached day 10 and didn’t see any results and gave up…the next time I attempt it I will finish it! 🙂

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