Perfect Crepes

It only makes sense that since I tried the ‘Perfect Pancakes’, I had to try the ‘Perfect Crepes’.


This was my first attempt at crepes, and I won’t leave you in suspense, they were AWESOME!

The ingredients in this recipe are ones that everyone typically has on hand at home, but if not, they total to about $15.00. This is because you have to buy eggs, butter, sugar, flour, vanilla, and salt; like I said you should have some if not all of these ingredients on hand so it should be fairly cheap to make.

At the time I made this recipe, I did not have a blender or my Mix Master, woe was me. So I blended the ingredients old school style, with a wooden spoon in a bowl; I promise you, they turn out just as tasty.

The recipe instructs you to then put the batter into the fridge to let it firm up a bit. If you have time to make it the night before, I’d recommend it, otherwise you’re just sitting waiting in the morning for your batter to firm so you can make and then eat your crepes. So summary, if you can prep it the night before, you’ll save yourself a significant amount of time when cooking in the morning.

I was nervous, being my first time, that the crepes would be so thin that they’d burn. All I knew about crepes was that 1.) they are SO yummy and light and 2.)they are ‘Really thin pancakes’ – Talladega Nights.

Whether it be beginners luck or my Betty Crocker like skills, they turned out perfectly. Now, the fun part! You can make crepes with any stuffing you’d like, and I mean any; I’ve heard of meat stuffed crepes, chocolate crepes, fruit crepes etc.

I went with blueberries and whipped cream, solid choice if I do say so myself. These are the only ingredients you will have to make sure you pick up as most people won’t have the filling of their choice laying around the house. (Unless you have a garden of fresh fruit in your backyard to use at your leisure).


In summary, this is a great option not only for breakfast but dessert as well! It is also a nice break/switch up from the typical pancake or toast. I guess I’ll have to start looking for ‘Perfect Waffles’ next.

Until we pin again,

Olivia Koehler

Oh Crepe!



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