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Website Review: Chloe and Isabel Jewelry

Lately it is almost impossible to go on social media without seeing friends who sell things; Beach Body, It Works, Thirty One, Rodan and Fields etc.

Well, I too am one of those people, I sell jewelry for Chloe and Isabel. The difference is, this post isn’t going to glam up the jewelry I sell, it is going to be an honest opinion about this website/service, the good and the bad.

I stumbled across Chloe and Isabel while on Pinterest; the jewelry was styled with an outfit I pinned and when I clicked the link to take me there, it was the Chloe and Isabel website. I was immediately confused as it says you have to shop through a merchandiser, and then it asked if I wanted to be a merchandiser. So I thought, ‘sure, why not’.

I am going to do this much like the Blue Apron website review, I’ll list out the pros and the cons. I’ll be starting with the cons since I’m sure you’re all intrigued to hear what I have to say about a company I ‘work with’.


-Some of the price points are INSANE: I am 26 years old and I work for a large corporation where I have to be dressed in business attire more often than not. I love dressing outfits up with accessories, but there is no way I would spend $150- $200.00 on one necklace; I don’t care how valuable they think the lifetime guarantee is. I say some of the price points, because the jewelry does go as low as $15.00 and even lower with sales.

-Coupons: If you know a merchandiser, they are able to provide you with a $25.00 of a $75.00 order, the struggle is, you can’t combine this coupon with other sales and promotions going on. (I know this is typical at a lot of places, but it still stinks)

-Costume Jewelry: Some of the jewelry on this site is considered ‘costume’ jewelry and is more vintage. I think they should spend their time designing more popular styles then these high priced unicorns.

-The packaging: I personally am not a fan of birds, so the fact that they send a felt blue or yellow bird with each purchase seems wasteful to me. (I do however like the bags they send with them.)


-Lifetime Guarantee: If you purchase this jewelry, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. If a stone falls out or a chain breaks, you send it back and if that piece is still in stock you’ll get a new one, if it’s not in stock, you’ll get refunded with a credit in the amount you paid for the piece. Pretty cool!

-Hypoallergenic: This one is pretty self explanatory, all the jewelry on the site is hypoallergenic. That plus the lifetime guarantee makes it great for gifting.

-The Chloe and Isabel Theme: The concept of the company is to aim at two main styles, Chloe’s who are more boho and street style, and Isabe;’s who are considered more classic and dressed up. I think this is nice because it offers a variety of pieces for both styles.

-Bridal Boutique: Take all the above pros and add a Bridal line. A piece you and your wedding party can wear that no one will have an allergic reaction to, it will last you for life AND there are tons of styles to choose from no matter what your style.

-Items are shipped to your door: Gone are the days of having to attend parties and then wait for your hostess to send you your orders. You order online, and it is shipped directly to your door, you’re provided a tracking email and all.

Another personal pro is that this company doesn’t make us recruit – it’s not a pyramid scheme and if people sign up to sell in your area they actually could take potential sales from you, so it’s not really encouraged. I like this because I don’t want people who buy from me to feel like I have an ulterior motive.

Here are some pictures of me in statement pieces from the site.

Overall, I think it is a great Jewelry company; they have tons of beautiful pieces and you can just filter your price range so you stay away from those over priced pieces. (Gorgeous  pieces, but hold out for a sale.)

Speaking of sale, their is currently a sale on my boutique for 25% off the entire site through this weekend, just enter code ‘FFSPRING16’. If you order by May 3rd, your order will arrive in time for Mother’s Day! (Click the link below to shop)

Chloe and Isabel Online Boutique

Until we pin again,

Olivia Koehler



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