Perfect Pancakes

On weekends that I get to be home with my Husband, I love to make breakfast. He has been craving pancakes for a while so I looked up a recipe on Pinterest to make them from scratch. For you millennial’s, ‘from scratch’ means you make it all by yourself, no help from a pre mixed box.

I luckily had all the ingredients at home, minus regular milk; I prefer almond milk so I just used it as a substitute. (See recipe below)


I was a bit thrown off by the amount of baking powder as I felt it was a lot, but other than that everything about the recipe seemed pretty basic. I added all the ingredients and mixed them together by hand as I didn’t feel the need to involve my mix master in something this easy.

These are the first batch of pancakes I’ve made that not a single one burnt! Maybe I’m becoming more stealthy at watching my stove top and waiting for the batter to bubble, but I think it is also the sign of a great recipe as I didn’t have to grease my pan at all either.

This recipe made about 15 good sized pancakes and I served mine with eggs and bacon. The almond milk gave them a sweet undertone which I really liked, I’m sure they’d be just as great with regular milk, you just wouldn’t have that sweetness.

I think these would be a great recipe to mix with fresh fruit when using the almond milk, I didn’t even need syrup they were so flavorful! My husband likes to use his pancakes as kind of a taco to fill with eggs and bacon so they served his purpose also.


Overall, this recipe was very simple and took maybe 3 min. to mix up the batter and then the rest depends on what you’re using to cook them on, (a griddle, small or big pan etc.); I used a smaller pan that let me cook 2 at a time which took about 20 minutes.

Until we pin again,

Olivia Koehler



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