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Website Review: Blue Apron

For those of you who don’t know, Blue Apron is a company that ships fresh food to your door that coincides with recipes they send you so you can make  gourmet meals without having to go out and buy the ingredients!

I think this is a great website, I was lucky enough to be gifted our meals by one of my cousins as a wedding gift. (SUCH A CUTE IDEA)

I received an e-mail that said I was gifted meals and to go ‘claim’ them. It was really quite simple; I went to the website, created a log in and had to then select what kind of quantity I was looking for. What I mean by this, is it asked if we were cooking dinner for two, or would need a meal for the whole family.

Since it is only my husband and I, I chose the meal option for two; I did also click on the family just to see the difference. For the dinner for two, we were able to be sent three meals for free, with the dinner for a family, they’d have only sent two meals as it would have been more food.

I wasn’t aware until we had received our delivery that you are able to pick the meals you’d like to receive, the initial sign up takes you through the basic questions of ‘do you have any food allergies’, ‘are there meats you don’t eat’ etc., so I just assumed everyone’s came customized to those selections. I am happy that I didn’t know for my first delivery, we received three meals I had never heard of with ingredients I’d never tried of which I thought was very cool!

When you select how many people you’ll be feeding, it then asks you when you’d like your package delivered. The only days it offers delivery is on Thursday and Friday, I opted for a Thursday since we usually go out of town on Friday’s.

When I received our package, it looks just like a card board box, nothing fancy, until you open it up and it is basically a cardboard cooler! Inside were all the ingredients labeled with cute little stickers, and big cardstock sheets with the Recipes and ingredients listed on them. (The picture below shows one recipe card surrounded by it’s ingredients.)


The first night I made Salmon on a bed of Freekeh with a Mint Labneh sauce. Sounds pretty intense, but it was very easy to make. I also had never had freekeh before, it is basically if quinoa and rice had a baby, SO good. The spices used for the recipe turned into a cool neon-lime green color which made it visually cool as well!

The second recipe I made was for Calzones, it consisted of vegetables sautéed and mixed in a tomato and olive oil sauce with fresh mozzarella. My Husband’s words after his first bite were, ‘There’s really no meat in here?’ It was so savory tasting, you’d have assumed there was! The trickiest part here was working with the dough as it kept shrinking up on me which made it hard to fill and fold.

Lastly, we had a Provincial Chicken and Potato Stew; out of all of the options, this was my least favorite, 1.) because it took the most prep 2) I’m not a fan of stews.

My Husband liked it, I thought it was unique because it had green olives in it and I’d never thought of putting any kind of olives in a stew, but otherwise this recipe was ‘meh’ for me.

The cost for sending yourself meals is about $70 for the three meals, which isn’t awful considering it includes shipping and any ingredient you’d need. If I did this again, I would certainly look into all the menu options they offer, I’d still try to pick ones I haven’t tried or heard of, but I’d also stay away from things I know I don’t like.

All in all, it was a fun experience and a very cute gift idea! I certainly recommend giving it a try if you’re looking for new recipes to try out or if you don’t have time to grocery shop. Also a fun gift idea for those hard to shop for people, everyone needs food and they get to customize their own profile!

I like to think of it as ‘restaurant quality’ recipes, without the cost of eating out.

Until we pin again,

Olivia Koehler



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