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Product Review: Adult Coloring Books

I am always looking for a creative outlet, which is partially why I do this blog. When the Adult Coloring Book fad came to be, I had to check it out for myself as I’ve always enjoyed coloring.

The first thing I noticed is that the book I purchased had much nicer paper to color on; it wasn’t that flimsy tissue feeling paper you find in most kids coloring books, it is more like computer printer paper. I know this may be irrelevant for you non-color-ers, but for someone like me who prefers to color with colored pencils, this is much preferred.

*If you color with markers…I can’t even handle how weird that is. How can you shade? It bleeds through! It gets all over your hands! ….I don’t understand. (End of rant)

Now, the quality of paper partially justifies the cost, the remainder is clearly just because they are playing to the fad. Who would pay $15.00 for a coloring book?….well basically everyone who jumped on this trend, including myself.

I do really like the different themes, the main ones I have found are flowers, wildlife, underwater, HARRY POTTER, calming shapes, stained glass etc.

The concept of these Adult Coloring books is to help you unwind, which after doing it for a week I found I wasn’t nearly as tired right after work; rather then letting my mind go numb to the tv playing in the background, I committed to coloring one page a day right when I got home and it really kept my brain ‘working’ which I think kept me in a more active mindset.

I will admit, I got pretty frustrated with my book. You’ll quickly find a lot of the designs are very intricate which makes them more difficult and time consuming to finish. This would be why they are for adults. So, my committing to coloring one whole picture a night turned into coloring half a page a night, to no pages at all.

My coloring book sits on my living room table, judging me for not finishing more than a weeks worth of pages, yet when I go to Target and I see the Harry Potter book, I want to buy it so badly. So my theory is, since my entire coloring book was wildlife, I got bored of coloring the same foxes, birds, and deer as I did on every other page; I need variety.

If you’re looking for a creative outlet, and a way to keep your mind moving when you get home, I really recommend them, they would also be great for people who travel/fly often for something to do to kill time on the plane.

If however, you still don’t want to commit to a $15.00 coloring book when you can buy a kids one for $3.00, I recommend going to Pinterest and looking for adult coloring pages that you can print off and color. (You can find the link to some from Pinterest at the bottom of this entry) This way you’re still getting the ‘printer paper’ quality and you are only out the cost of ink. It would also allow you to switch up design themes so you’re not stuck only with the designs in the coloring book.


Until we pin again,

Olivia Koehler




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