DIY: Floral Wreath

Living in Wisconsin, I have the privilege of living through four separate seasons. I’ve purchased my staple Winter and Fall wreaths, but had yet to get one for Spring or Summer.

When I went to stores like Kohls, Target, Hobby Lobby etc. floral wreaths cost anywhere from $50-$180 depending how extravagant you’re looking to get. I personally just needed to replace my Winter one because Spring was starting to make an appearance.

My last stop was Hobby Lobby, they had a lot of low priced Easter wreaths, but I knew once Easter was over, I’d be back looking for another Spring wreath. This is why I ventured into making my own.

I went to Pinterest to get ideas, and came across the below picture.


As you can see, it cost $80.00 for this one. It didn’t come with instructions as they were trying to sell it, but it really isn’t difficult.

I liked the concept of leaving half the wreath bare, it is very indicative of Spring and it also meant I’d only have half a wreath to make.

I totally lucked out because Hobby Lobby was having 50% off all their floral items. (They have these sales often so hold out for it if you can)

I purchased the following:

-Vine Wreath $8.00

-Green Foliage $4.00

-Lavender $4.00

-White flowers $4.00

-Burlap Ribbon $5.00

Total = $25.00

So again, quite the deal compared to the one on Pinterest for $80.00!

I brought my materials home and started stabbing the stems through the vine wreath where I wanted them to be, the green foliage helped to burry the stems.

My lavender and white flowers were too big so I had to trim them down. I was not aware they were made with wire so my average scissors didn’t work.

Once my Husband came home he gave me his wire clippers and they worked perfectly (hence their name).

Once I stabbed everything into place, I got my burlap ribbon and tied a bow (to the best of my ability), and my result is shown below.


I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I made it in my living room which made a mess because of the dead vines shedding everywhere, but otherwise the clean up was easy.

My only gripe about my wreath is it doesn’t always hang up like this, sometimes I come home and the heavy side has swung down to the bottom so I have to readjust it.

Overall, I really like how it turned out , especially for the price, and it was a fun creative outlet. Now I just need to find one for Summer.

Until we pin again,

Olivia Koehler


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