No Bake Cake Batter Truffles

There are no desserts quite as cute as truffles. (Cake pops and Cheesecake bites are a close second)

For my Bachrlorette Party, all my Bridesmaids were bringing snacks to eat at the hotel, so I of course wanted to help out too.

I looked to Pinterest for girly dessert options that would fit with my pink colored theme, these cake batter truffles hit the mark; not only are they visually adorable,  but they are very easy to make!

You mix together all the batter ingredients (link to recipe is found at the bottom), and roll it into little balls; you then refrigerate those batter balls until they get firm.

Once firm, you can begin melting your chocolate; be ready with your balls and your dipping apparatus because the chocolate will harden when you remove it from heat.

This was the tricky part, I pictured myself dipping the balls into the chocolate and placing them on my sheet to harden…no way, Jose.

If you don’t have a solid way to dip them it becomes very messy, I used my fingers. #Professional

So in my mind, I thought I would dip them all and then sprinkle them all at once… Again, no.

The sprinkles only stick to the moist chocolate, and remember I said chocolate starts to harden once it’s away from heat? So I quickly learned my lesson and added the sprinkles ASAP.

Overall it was an easy, slightly messy, endeavor that was a hit with the girls. This recipe is very rich in flavor and is also surprisingly moist. (I’ve used the word ‘moist’ twice now in this post, I’ll start using another adjective I swear.)

With all the ingredients it only cost about $10.00 to make these. I have since made Oreo truffles for my Husband’s Bachelor Party weekend, which were a bit more difficult, but equally delicious.

Until we pin again,

Olivia Koehler


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