‘Best Ever’ Banana Muffins

If you look on Pinterest, every recipe claims to be the ‘best ever’. I will say, this recipe was very good, but to award it the title of ‘best ever’… I haven’t sampled enough muffins to know.

This recipe was good, pretty basic and not the healthiest with your standard muffin ingredients: white sugar, flour etc.

The thing is I always end up with browning bananas so I throw them in the freezer until I’m ready to use them, and at that point you have to bake with them since they turn to mush. I like banana bread, but I have no self control and since it has the word ‘banana’ in it, I tell myself it’s a healthy snack to binge on.

With muffins, they are smaller ‘grab and go’ treats so I make them for taking to work for myself and my husband. With bread, you have to cut it, wrap it, clean up the crumbs etc.


These muffins lack any source of protein or good energy, so I added pecans to fill in that gap.



Overall, this was an easy recipe to follow and I was able to use ingredients I had at home. If you didn’t have the ingredients it would cost about $8.00 to make, not bad for an easy breakfast or snack, but not a very healthy recipe.

Until we pin again,

Olivia Koehler


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