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Stitch Fix Review

If you have any social media account, I’m sure you’ve heard of the service Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is a clothing and accessories service that ships custom styled outfits to your door! Great for anyone who doesn’t have time to go shop or fashionistas who want to keep up with the latest trends.

You recieve 5 pieces customized from the profile you created as well as a style card with tips on how to wear them!


The best way for me to review this site would be to list pros and cons; so which do you want, the bad news or the good news first?


-It’s customized to you. You go to the site and pick your style, your sizes, the way you like your clothes to fit etc. You can update your profile as your style or body shape changes.

-You can earn discounts. After you’ve signed up for your first shipment, you get a link to share with friends/family/whoever; if they purchase a shipment through your link, you get a $25 credit towards your next purchase! (I haven’t had this luck yet)

-The sizes run true. If you’re honest in your profile about your measurements, the clothes they send will fit you.

-It is only $20 to try. To receive a shipment, you pay the fee of $20; if you purchase some of the clothes your $20 goes towards your purchase. If you don’t end up buying anything, you forfeit the $20.

– It is shipped to your door. You get to pick when your delivery comes, and it arrives at your door step.

-The return shipping is free. If you don’t like items, they provide you a package and label that you put your clothes in and drop in the mail.


-It is expensive to buy the clothes. Despite selecting ‘the cheaper the better’ in my price selection, I’ve never received items lower than $45.00. If you buy all the items, you do get a discount, plus your $20.00 deposit, but if you only want a few pieces, it’s pricey.

-You WANT to purchase. That might not sound like a bad thing, but when you’ve already invested $20.00, you feel it would be wasteful not to buy something even if you didn’t like anything in your delivery.

-You have a dead line to ship. If you don’t have a lot of time, this may not be for you; naturally they want to get the clothes you don’t want back, but if you don’t return them within 3 business days from receiving, they can charge you for the whole delivery. So your $20.00 fun trial experience could quickly cost you $300.00 if you forget to mail it out in time, at which point your stuck with the clothes whether you liked them or not.

-It misses the mark.  When I signed up to try stitch fix I was very specific about my style and what I was looking for, I updated monthly based off what events I have coming up and even attached the link to my Pinterest style board.  I personally have never purchased more than one item from my deliveries; I know other people have had more success so maybe I’m just picky but consider yourself warned.

In summary I think this is a great service; it’s fun and I definitely recommend trying it, my caution is to not get your hopes up and be sure to schedule it when you have money to spare on clothes.

Until we pin again,

Olivia Koehler



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