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DIY: Table Numbers

Man, it’s been a while, it’s good to be back!!!

I certainly haven’t stopped attempting the sometimes impossible Pinterest ideas, but I have been busy planning a wedding! So be prepared for some wedding inspired pins, as well as recipes, some new sites I’ve gotten obsessed with, (thanks to Pinterest) as well as DIY Crafts which is where I’ll be picking back up.

You’ll quickly learn when planning a wedding, that details are SO important, and can quickly become SO expensive. I ventured to Pinterest for inspiration and I found this image.


So, I didn’t know where to begin, could I buy these somewhere? Do I rent them? Where to begin?! Then it dawned on me, these couldn’t be that hard to replicate; I’ll let you know now, I was half right.

I recruited friends and family to keep an eye out for these Victorian looking frames at thrift stores; this was the hardest part because after we bought all the frames we could find that matched my criteria, we had to wait for someone to donate more for us to purchase.

Once we collected all the needed frames, I purchased a can of spray paint from Hobby Lobby (with their 40% off coupon) and began to paint the frames. I started by first removing the glass and the frame backings so they wouldn’t get caught in the cross fire of my non-experienced spray painting hands. (Inexperienced users beware, it gets on you, somewhere, somehow, no matter how hard you try.)

For the printed numbers, I simply used Microsoft Word; I searched for a font that I liked and upped the font size until it was ‘frame appropriate’. All that was left to do was match them to the appropriate frames and remove the thrift store stickers with some Windex.

The final result…

image (00B)

Here are the professional pictures of them on the dinner tables from our wedding. (Photo credit: ShelbyRae Photographs)

I had to make a total of 31 framed table numbers, and it took about 4 total months due to having to hunt down all the frames. As far as cost goes, the average thrift store frame was $2.25, so we spent $69.75 on our table numbers and around $3.00 on the paint, not too shabby for a DIY. (If you would order similar Victorian Frames online they average $6.00 so it would have cost us $186.00)

The best part? We are repainting our favorite frames to put some of our wedding photographs in at our home. So, not only can they be repurposed, but how fun to be able to display memories from your wedding day with items that were a part of your special day? Think ‘understated shadow box’.

Until we pin again,

Olivia Koehler


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