Cheddar Jalepeno Turkey Burger with Guacomole

Now that summer is approaching, I have been looking for new ‘healthier’ recipes to try out. I personally love mexican food, but I no longer eat beef, which means my main options are fajitas, tacos and quesedillas with chicken.

The recipe I found on pinterest for these burgers was intended for ground chicken; however, I couldn’t find any ground chicken when I went shopping, so I substituted ground turkey.

This is an excellent recipe, it is not pricey at all! All of my ingredients together cost about $12.00 and just the one pound of ground turkey was enough to make 5.5 patties. (Keeping in mind I did not make it into a sandwhich, saving me the cost of bread and lettuce.)

It is really a guesstimate recipe, I did not go by the measurements. I added cheese, jalapenos, cilantro and the spices as I felt was appropriate; simply because I know what I like as far as cheesy-spicyness goes.

They turned out amazing! Since I did not make it into a sandwhich, I simply topped it with the suggested sour cream and guacomole the recipe suggested and it was SO good. My roommate who doesn’t like spicy foods even loved it.

It tastes like a chicken-taco-burger, that would be the best way to describe it. I imagine if you used chicken instead of turkey, it would be equally, if not more so amazing.

My one issue with the recipe was the cheese. Obviously, cheese melts when it gets hot. I have made stuffed burgers before where the cheese is deep inside the burger and not right at the edges, but since the cheese was just mixed right in with all the other ingredients it had some on the outside; this caused it to melt and burn on the pan I was using which just added an extra mess for me to clean up. Easy fix for this would be to make it like a stuffed burger and just put the cheese directly in the middle of the burger; that way you get the flavor without the mess.

Until we pin again,

Olivia Hotchkiss


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