Italian Stuffed Chicken

I’m a HUGE fan of chicken and all of the things you can do with it; and of course, Pinterest is the perfect place to find new ideas. I had made stuffed burgers before I tried this recipe, but hamburger can just be mashed up where as chicken is sliced and you get what you get.

I didn’t follow a ‘recipe’, they listed the ingredients on the link listed below and I just used common sense for the rest. I cut the chicken breasts in half, but left them connected on one side; brushed them with olive oil and rolled them in the Italian Panko crumbs.

I decided to mix the ricotta, spinach, Parmesan, tomato, basil and oregano in a bowl and spread it onto the open chicken breast; closed it with tooth pics and put it in the oven at 450 for an hour.


It turned out BEAUTIFULLY! There are some changes I would have made though…

Ricotta Cheese has little to no flavor, so I wish I would have added more Parmesan and seasonings. I tried the recipe again just the other night for my family, but I made a Greek version. I instead used Feta Cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and Greek Seasoning from Penzy’s. It was better by far.

SO I would definitely recommend this recipe, however I’d think twice about the flavor you want to achieve and chose your stuffing ingredients accordingly.

Until we pin again…

Olivia Hotchkiss


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