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Photo Remake Attempts

Everyone sees photo ideas on Pinterest; whether it be for weddings, maternity, engagement or baby announcements, it’s helpful to gather ideas as to what you’d like.

When I was pinning for my sister Emily’s bachelorette party, they even had cute picture ideas for that! There was one in particular that had 3 models laying in a big comfy, what appears to be, hotel bed; blankets pulled up over part of their faces and an heir of mischievousness. Obviously, a perfect way to depict the next morning after the party.pic1

So my sister, my cousin Shelby, and myself all grew up and were raised almost as sisters. We decided it’d be a fun picture for us to have. The morning after we all climbed into one hotel bed, pulled the covers up and had another friend snap the pic.

pic2Well, it’s obvious this one is ours, the lighting did not work in our favor and it was simply taken with a camera on a phone; but other than that, we were happy about it!

It captured the mood of the morning and is a fun picture for us to look back to. I’d suggest using an actual camera if you want better results, but it served our purpose well enough…I mean, after all, it is just a bachelorette party photo.

Until we pin again…

Olivia Hotchkiss


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