The Hidden Cat Litter Box

Not to state the obvious, but this has been one of the longest and coldest winters I have yet to endure. Our furnace has been running more than usual due to the cold weather and it brought on a little problem with our cat, Ginny.

Her litter box has been in the basement of our house since we moved in-with the furnace. She had developed a fear of our furnace and wouldn’t go into the basement without myself or my husband to “protect” her. We obviously couldn’t stay at home to escort her to the litter box everyday, so we moved it into our bathroom up stairs. It was no big deal, except for I didn’t want to look at it every day.

SO being the pinner that I am, I searched for “litter box” and found the hidden litter box. I wasn’t going to attempt to build anything like this myself, so I employed my husband to do it.

I showed him this site and obviously he didn’t follow a single step. I know you are all surprised that a man didn’t want to follow directions, but I have to say he did an exceptional job looking at the picture and building what I wanted.










It probably cost us about $20 for the supplies and only took him a few hours to build-BUT the staining took some time because it obviously had to dry, and then he sprayed some clear coat on it and that had to dry, and I had to make a pillow for the top…so it turned into a week project. I am very happy with the results and so is our cat, Ginny! She not only uses it for the intended purpose, but she now sleeps on top of it too! I call that a win.

Until we pin again…

Emily Hess


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