The ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ 7 day diet

I can say with total confidence, that EVERYONE posts workouts and diets on pinterest, but don’t follow through with them. Sure it sounds nice to have a flat tummy or to be  ‘beach body ready’ in no time at all, but no one is really willing to commit to these trials to see if they work for the average person. Well I did…

I have now done this ‘cleanse’ twice all the way through, I’ve done it several times only for the first few days to lose a few extra pounds. IT REALLY WORKS!

With any diet, the results will fade if you don’t continue to make the right eating choices. When I did this cleanse, I did no workouts. I was busy as a full time surgical tech student  with clinicals and worked part time. SO, this really appealed to me since all I had to do was eat!


The first few days suck. I like to eat, and even though you get to eat as much as you want, there is only so much fruit you can eat. I developed a sugar headache. I wasn’t getting any protein and all that natural sugar just didn’t sit well with me. BUT I lost 4 pounds in the first two days.

I’m aware this sounds drastic, but I did want drastic results. It does state that you will lose 10+ lbs in 7 days, so the time line makes sense. By the end of the seven days, I had cheated a few times. Nothing big, just a few pretzels or a small piece of meat at the end of the day. Even with the cheating, I lost 8 lbs after it was all done.

As you can see in the picture, everything just tightened up. The portion of my stomach beneath my belly button flattened drastically.

So… if you’re looking to lose weight fast, this is the diet for you. I wouldn’t recommend doing it if you have a strenuous day, simply because you don’t get tons energy from the foods you have to eat.

Currently, I am doing the 30 days of squats challenge… and let me tell you…can’t wait to blog about it, haha.

Until we pin again…

Olivia Hotchkiss


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