Letter Monograms

For Christmas one year, my sister and I decided to pick something off each other’s pinterest craft board to make for one another. I stumbled across the letter monogram and since she was getting married that year, I thought it would be a great gift….and it was!

The link was just a flickr account picture, but it is pretty self explanatory. I first took into consideration the color theme of her home, purchased a matted frame and buttons. As we all know, crafts are fun to do; but if you don’t have the supplies on hand, it can get quite expensive!

My mother dabbles in calligraphy, so I had her sketch up the letter ‘H’. Before I started gluing, I laid out the buttons to make sure that I not only had enough, but that I liked the way it looked.I then traced a small portion of the letter with my hot glue gun and quickly placed the buttons before the glue dried.


After letting it dry, I placed it in the frame, and voila! It was done!

Since completing this project, I have started collecting the buttons that come with my blazers and suit pants as ‘extras’ in case one were to fall off. That way the next time I want to do something like this, I already have a stash to pick from! Obviously this will help to lower the cost.

I think this is a great idea for anyone, because you can use different fonts as well as colors to fit any room! It’s a great stand alone piece as well as would look great in a smaller size a midst a collage.

Until we pin again…

Olivia Hotchkiss



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