Chocolate Chip S’more Cookie

It’d be hard to find someone who doesn’t like the classic chocolate chip cookie; and during the summer, who doesn’t enjoy the campfire classic s’more?

The recipe is easy enough, follow any chocolate chip recipe you like, you just have to add graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows.

Whoever made the recipe, leads you to believe that you can fit an entire s’more into the cookie dough. Anyone who has ever baked a batch of cookies, knows just how small you roll the ball of dough.

So I had to doctor the recipe, I could only fit half a marshmallow and one rectangle from a graham cracker; I found that even this was pushing it, so I figured the chocolate chips would give enough chocolate for the effect and went without the additional chocolate square.

Well, I was very disappointed. I only ended up making a dozen and just made plain chocolate chip cookies with the remaining dough. There wasn’t enough marshmallow to taste, the graham cracker added a little crunch, but it just wasn’t different enough to continue making them.

I was expecting a nice gooey addition to the cookie from the marshmallow; maybe if I had followed the recipe and forced all those additional s’more ingredients into the cookie it would have met my expectations.

smoreLong story short, it’s not that it tasted bad, just not a big enough change in taste for me to make them instead of plain chocolate chip cookies.

Until we pin again…

Olivia Hotchkiss


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